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Designer Lash 1

Designer Lash 1

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WASP is known for its innovation and creativity. Now successfully expanding into the beauty industry. This unique clip on lash range is currently stocked in over 400 salons Australia wide.

With many years of experience working in the hair and beauty industry, Sharryn Sinclair (creative director of WASP Hair) has perfected and developed the ultimate lash system. Designer lashes are fast and easy to apply and have become one of the most sought after beauty products worldwide. They can be used to enhance your appearance or help those experiencing loss of natural lashes.

WASP lashes are worn, loved and endorsed by known personalities and everyday women across Australia. They have been featured on many television series, news readers and Australian made movies.

Our perfect little lashes are now within easy reach of everyone. We encourage you to try them today.

WASP Designer lashes have been featured in Vogue Magazine and on Channel 9’s Look Good Feel Good program. Our clip on lashes are currently taking the industry by storm. Great lashes are the hottest accessory right now you only need to flick through a glossy magazine to see for yourself.

WASP Designer lashes are made up of human hair and some synthetic fibres. They come in 12 different styles, ensuring there is something to suit everyone. The Designer lashes cover 1/4, 1/2 or 3/4 of the eye and clip easily onto the base of your natural lashes. In fact ANYONE can apply them in seconds. The WASP applicator makes placement and handling of the eyelashes much easier to ensure a perfect application every time.

All it takes is three easy steps and each set are re-usable up to 5 times making them an extremely cost effective accessory.

eyelash application 1 eyelash application 2 eyelash application 3
1. Load into applicator. 2. Apply adhesive generously. 3. Clip lash onto the base of your natural lash outside the corner of the eye.
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